Where to Ride

We are located in the beautiful Heber Valley and literally surrounded by dozens of trail options within minutes of our location. So whether you are visiting Park City or Midway, staying at the Homestead or Zermatt, experiencing Deer Valley or Snowbird, or just a local from any of the Wasatch Front locations such as Provo, Lehi, Salt Lake, Layton or Ogden then we have got an option for you!  Most of the trail systems listed below have trails open to both ATV’s, Razors (RZR), Rangers and other side by sides.  Trail maps will denote if the trail is open only to ATV’s.

Mill Canyon 

Our first recommendation is also our closest at only 10 minutes away. It is the Mill Canyon trail system.  This trail system has two trail heads on the Heber / Midway side.   Soldier Hollow / Cascade Springs and Snake Creek.  This is the trail system we deliver to.  We drop off near the Soldier Hollow / Cascade Springs parking lot where you can access a network of trails that will start at approximately 6000 ft elevation and rise to just under 9000 ft, all while surrounded by 11,000 ft peaks.  The scenery is spectacular.  Mill PeakThe trail system winds around the east side of Mill Peak then loops up to Pole Line Pass where it drops down into American Fork canyon and Tibble Fork area on the west side of Mill Peak.  The trails offer mostly beginner to intermediate type terrain and are well marked with numbers that coordinate with the map.  Most trails are open to both ATV’s / side by sides / dirt bikes and jeeps / trucks.  While riding this trail system you will be riding in both Wasatch Mountain State Park and Uinta National Forest.  There are enough trails on the map to accommodate a full day worth of riding.  However if you have ridden this trail system before or have more experience and good navigational skills, then there are dozens of other trails not marked on this particular map that lead to old mines, much higher elevations and are suited more to the advanced rider. You can also print out or save a PDF map of the trail system that you can email here.

Strawberry Valley

The Strawberry Valley is about 30 minutes from our location and has a vast trail system.  This trail system may be better suited for those wishing to camp and explore for multiple days or who wish to incorporate fishing into their excursion.  It is a beautiful mountain valley with Strawberry Reservoir and numerous campgrounds and camping areas.  Elevation at most trail heads start at around 8000′ and go up from there.  Most of your riding is through Aspen laden canyons and deep pine thickets and some great far off views of Provo Peak, Cascade Peak and Timpanogos can be had.  StrawberryValley3MWTrail heads include, Clyde Creek, Mud Creek, Daniels Summit, Strawberry River, Coop Creek, Indian Creek and many more.  Most of the trails are more jeep roads, and from many of these you can access other trail systems and networks for longer rides.  Some of the roads and trails are closed to OHV’s (ATV’s and Side by Sides), however because we put in the extra effort and money into making our OHV’s street legal all of those are open for any of our equipment.  Basically if it is open for a jeep / truck then our street legal OHV’s are legal on it.  Most of the trails are beginner to intermediate with a few more advanced type trails.  We do not deliver to the Strawberry Valley.  To print out a map or save a PDF version that you can email then go here.

High Uintas Mountains

The trail systems in the High Uinta’s is some of the highest elevations and most scenic as well as the most challenging of trails listed.  There are multiple trail systems here.  On the Kamas side (approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour from our location) there are the Shingle Creek, Taylors Fork, Murdoch Basin, Soapstone / Iron Mine Mountain, Norway Flats and others.  On the North Slope Picture 054side (approximately 2 hours from our location) there is the Wolverine ATV trail, Lily Lake, Elizabeth Mountain, Mill Creek, Blacks Fork and more.  Uinta Mountain trails tend to be much rockier and steeper and more challenging than some of the other trail systems, but also tend to be much more scenic as well.  The Uinta’s are home to Utah’s highest peaks, with many topping 13,000 ft elevation.  If you have a truck  that can pull a trailer, a good map and a day or two to explore, then this is an exceptional option.  We cannot deliver to this area.  Additionally we would like to add a few links to maps to these areas, but the maps available through the Forest Service websites are currently unavailable.  We will work to get it updated as they become available.  If headed into one of these areas you can always swing by one of the Forest Service offices and grab a map.

As always if you have any questions, need advise or directions to one of the trail heads just give us a call.  We can’t wait to help you experience all that Utah has to offer!